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"James has taught me Physics A-level since 2010. I can’t thank him enough for instilling a level of confidence in me that has played a crucial part in helping me in both my schoolwork and my exams."

Georgia Doolan
"As a maths tutor, James is exceptional. He has a unique ability to instill confidence in my children when they most need it. They will simply not accept anyone else. As a science tutor he makes subjects that are daunting fun."

Rachel Tranter
"James is not only a fantastic tutor but a kind and welcoming person who makes sure to build a fun and supportive learning environment."

Selena Wynne-James
"James is the best teacher that I have ever had. His talent, to show physics and mathematics in a completely different light, made me look at these subjects from another perspective, and taught me to love and enjoy them."

Irena Anichshuk
"James not only is a great teacher but encourages your children to love the subject, resulting in all three of my children wanting to study Maths for A-level and achieving grade As."

Mrs Shehab

James Layland

James provides first-class tuition and advice based on over 30 years working in education. In that time he has clocked up more than 40,000 hours of teaching.

He tutors Maths and Physics from his home in Camden. In addition, he owns Elm Village Tutors which provides home tuition across a wide range of academic subjects.

James Layland

Tuition is available throughout the year (including school holidays) at many academic levels such as:

James also provides help with the university entrance procedure, for both UK and US universities.